Relational Tune Up

HiResDon’t know what is holding you back relationally?  Do you feel like your voice is not being heard by those you love?  Considering opening your relationship?  Don’t have time or finances for ongoing therapy?

Union Therapy has developed a short term (time limited) therapeutic process that is designed to help you through whatever relationship issues you may be facing. We cater these sessions to you and your specific relationship issues. We have over 13 years experience in helping people through all sorts of relational dynamics. Relationships can be dramatic. Who doesn’t want help navigating turbulent relational waters?

Here is what we provide:

Couples: Five 75 minute sessions ($1000*) to be used by yourself and with whomever you are in relationship with.

Couples Plus: Poly couples add $250 per person beyond the first two. An additional 75 minute session will be included per additional person.

Single Special: Four 50 minute sessions ($500*). As part of this package we ask you bring one person you know to the second session. We will discuss more during your first session.

Here are the results we will help you achieve:

+ Self-Awareness

+ Understanding of your relational dynamics

+ Clarity to help move forward in the relationship(s) you are in.