Therapeutic Philosophy

Grand Central TotemsWe have been able to hone an understanding of human psychological growth that is congruent with the natural process of life and evolution.   We have come to understand that the process of healing is very natural and is greatly impacted by the relational environment a person has come from, currently exists in and imagines will be.  We view the therapy experience as analogous to a greenhouse.  When a plant is in a greenhouse it has the optimal environment and care for healthy growth.  So it is with the therapeutic relationship.  When each of us enters a therapeutic relationship our goal is to provide the optimal context for growth and development.

Length of treatment is an issue many wonder about when considering counseling.  We work with people at a completely customizable frequency and length of time.  We generally recommend weekly sessions for the first two months.  The first two months are important because that is where we lay the foundation for our relational rapport.