My Allergy Advocate

Since Union Therapy began in 2002, we have been committed to wholistic health.    Caring for one’s biological self is just as important as caring for one’s psychological self.   There is an intrinsic relationship between one’s biological and psychological well being.

Perhaps the most fundamental way you can have an impact on your biological self is to have awareness and choice in what you eat.    With advances in the study of nutrition and the way our bodies interact with food, we now have the the ability more than ever to discover and implement a diet that works with your body to create well being.

Just as a therapist can help you navigate issues of perception, an allergy advocate can help you navigate and implement a healthy diet.   My friend and colleague Imei Hsu does both.   In addition to her practice as a mental health counselor, Imei has just launched her new project My Allergy Advocate.  Imei has passionately pursued this project for many years and she knows what she is talking about.  Check out the website and let Imei help you make food fun again!