The Check In – May 2019

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Hi!   We hope this check in finds you well as spring has hit its full stride.  Union Therapy continues to grow and evolve in both our Seattle and Minnesota locations.   

In Seattle, Atta is currently looking for new office space.   He has been in the Grand Central Building in Pioneer Square Seattle since 2004.    The Grand Central will be going through a rehabilitation phase requiring all tenants to move out.   Atta is currently looking at spaces in the downtown Seattle area that will provide an easy transition for current clients and be conveniently centrally located for both new and current clients.   Being near public transportation is a top priority as the city of Seattle continues its booming growth.  As soon as a space is found and a lease is signed there will be an email update with the new address and location.    

A. G. is proud to announce that he is now licensed in Minnesota and in Washington state!   Being licensed in both states will allow him to meet with clients who live in Minnesota in office and online.   He is also now able to meet clients online who live in Washington state.   Online counseling continues to become a larger part of both of our practices and offers the opportunity for effective services even at great distance.   Both A. G. and Atta use to meet with clients in online video streaming sessions.   Sessions can be held for clients individually or with an additional person (partner, spouse, family, etc.).  Clients can even be in multiple locations at the time of the session.   All that is needed is a device that can live stream video and a strong internet connection.   Contact either A. G. or Atta directly to set up an online or in person appointment:  

Checking In

For this months check in Atta has prepared a meditation that deals with some of the more difficult feelings that we all go through:   Resentment and Resignation.   Too often we are told to just focus on the positive and are rarely invited to consider that even the more troubling feelings and thoughts we experience have a place.   By naming these emotions and mind sets we can avoid denying that they are there or suppressing them.  We can practice accepting them as part of life and learn to keep them in their place so that they do not prevent us from realizing our current power and ability to keep moving forward.   

When you have a few  moments of quiet time, put on your headphones and listen to the meditation below.   Numerous listens will be helpful as you calibrate to what it means to keep resentment and resignation from clouding your perspective.  We are most powerful when we are present with who we are now.   Take a deep breath.  Open your mind and your heart.  Allow this meditation to be a part of your continued growth and healing.  

Moving Forward

Keep up the great work and don’t forget to take care of yourself!   Investing in your own well being will prepare you for the joys and hardship that are with you now and are yet to come.   

Remember you are in process.   Your growth is inevitable.  Through the practice of being mindful of yourself and your surroundings, you have the opportunity to influence and nurture the direction of your growth.   Know that Union Therapy is here to help you along the way.   Take care!