about us

Union Therapy is comprised of two therapists in two cities; Atta Dawahare (Seattle) and A. G. Wilson (Minneapolis).  Atta is licensed in Washington state.  A. G. is licensed in both Washington state and in Minnesota.  We share the same vision to work with high functioning people who desire to grow and evolve more fully in their lives. Atta and A. G. both graduated with a Master of Counseling from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (2000, 2001).  Atta also has Master of Divinity from the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (2002).  The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology previously went by the names Western Seminary Seattle (2000) and  Mars Hill Graduate School (2001, 2002).  Atta and A. G. have been honing their therapeutic skills in private practice since 2002.    

We frequently help people dealing with depression and anxiety. We work with all relational styles from monogamous relationships to open relationships and everything in between. We provide individual, couples and couples+ counseling.


My commitment to my clients is to provide a healthy and healing relational environment to grow more fully into who they want to be. The framework I hold is very relational. Relationships are the context to which we grow our psyche. We often are solely focused on what our relationships provide for our current or imminent needs. Beneath the surface of the immediate is a deeper development of who we are and how we view ourselves and the world around us. My goal is to increase your awareness of your thought patterns, and ultimately to strengthen your choice and influence over these patterns.

Practically speaking, I help people from all walks of life and world views. My goal is to empower you to be present and confident with who you are and how you interact with others. I help people customize their way of being so that it works better for them.



I enjoy meeting clients who are in a state of upheaval; deconstructing, rebuilding, starting over. I love to see people honestly wrestle with their lives to identify the dynamics which must be used (or discarded) for growth. I work primarily from an existential perspective to help people open doors to fuller and more meaningful lives through exposition and exploration. There are countless events throughout our lives that can launch us into despair & questioning. These also provide opportunities to re-calibrate and grow.

I provide tenderness & directness to coax the best from you in a safe and confidential environment. My focus is centered on allowing clients build a level of confidence which will enable them to live intact and enriched lives.


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