Therapeutic Philosophy

Grand Central TotemsWe have been able to hone an understanding of human psychological growth that is congruent with the natural process of life and evolution.   We have come to understand that the process of healing is very natural and is greatly impacted by the relational environment a person has come from, currently exists in and imagines will be.  We view the therapy experience as analogous to a greenhouse.  When a plant is in a greenhouse it has the optimal environment and care for healthy growth.  So it is with the therapeutic relationship.  When each of us enters a therapeutic relationship our goal is to provide the optimal context for growth and development.

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Privacy Policy

Confidentiality: There is a legal privilege in this state protecting the confidentiality of the information that you share with us. As professionals, Union Therapy can assure you that we strive to maintain the strictest ethical standards of confidentiality.

There are legal exceptions to confidentiality. The following situations are those in which the information you have shared with Union Therapy may be shared with others. 1) The client gives written permission to share confidential information. 2) Anything that suggests a crime or harmful act. 3) If the client is a minor, and there is indication that he or she was the victim or subject of a crime. 4) The client brings charges against the counselor. 5) In response to a subpoena.
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