I have known Atta Dawahare since 1997. First as my student, then as one of my closest friends, and now as a trusted colleague. If I need to think through my life, I turn to Atta. If I need someone to tell me the truth in a loving, caring, brilliant way, I turn to Atta. I have experienced some of the best therapists out there. Atta is the best of the best. My only regret is that he is in Seattle, and I am on the East Coast. Do everything you can to see this man. He will help you change your life in ways you never dreamed.
Don Michael Hudson, PhD

I’ve known Atta since 1998. He carefully holds the line between telling you what feels good and defining what you need to hear to change, two things that are not always the same thing! In his care, you encounter the best and worst in yourself, and YOU decide what you are going to walk away with. In essence, Atta helps you understand how you can be the hero of your own story in a respectful and delightful way.
B. Imei Hsu, RN, LMHC

Atta is a wonderful therapist whom I have had the pleasure of working with closely. His compassion, sincerity and openness have always stood out to me. He is very direct, honest and easy to work with.

A.G. is an amazing therapist whom I have had the opportunity to work closely with and witness first hand his genuine care and commitment for his clients . He has a great ability to connect with others and support them in finding their strengths and encourage personal growth.Doris Bartel, LICSW, EMDR Therapist


Atta’s warm and uplifting presence offers a sense of safety and connection which will help you on your journey towards personal empowerment and well-being. His authentic encouragement and guidance provides a sense of comfort and inspiration.

A.G.’s grounded presence allows for a connection in which you will feel seen and heard. His clarity of perception and acceptance will help you to awaken to your true self.

I highly recommend both Atta and A.G. as your therapist. They both hold a deep wisdom that will create an environment for you to feel supported and guided as you venture on your journey through life.Carie Winchell, LMHC, CMHS, MHP


Atta is a skilled therapist. I have consulted with him dozens of times throughout the decade that I have known him. He unfailingly has a unique and helpful perspective that can move my therapeutic work in a positive direction.

He is committed to helping people heal through sustained focus on their uniqueness and journey. Atta will never give you a canned response, and more importantly, he will always listen deeply.– Leah Mena, LASW, CMHS


I have been fortunate to know Atta since 2004, both as a colleague and friend. He has a truly warm and genuine presence that makes you feel welcome and cared for from the moment you meet him. He is skilled therapist you can be assured will offer full acceptance and sincere interest in you as a person and the direction you wish to go in your life.

Susanne Drisko LICSW CMHS MHP